Welcome to the New version of Hartford Adventures. After being on the road for over 3 years and losing my van to an accident, moving into a sticks and bricks home my life has changed in many ways. Purchasing a bus, and making plans to continue on, then Covid hit! Many peoples lives changed some for the better some for the worse. After wanting to just drop out and go back to a mundane life, I had a change of heart and thought why not just change it all up! After putting a lot of thought into ways to make things different I am hoping I may have stumbled across some ideas! Oh the traveling is not over its just going to be modified to what we will be allowed to do and not allowed to do until this is over.

So Come join us in our new adventures! There will be merch up soon, books published and so much more!! If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list make sure you do so you will be notified of all our posts!

As Always;

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, and most of all STAY YOU !